Wholesaling Like A Boss!  Tom Krol is a real estate investor on the east coast of Florida.  If you have ever heard of a rags to riches story, this is it!  Just over 2 years ago, Tom was fired from his job selling lawn care service.  He went bankrupt and found himself at the bottom.  Tom called his brother Todd Tobac to ask him where he could send his resume in the hopes of finding a new job, and Todd told him to get into wholesaling houses.

Here is what I love absolutely love about Tom’s story.  He was at Rock Bottom, he could have chose door number three and taken the easy way out.  He didn’t have money to start marketing to find motivated sellers and so he sold some of his belongings to raise the marketing money to land his first deal!  My question to all of my listeners is “how bad do you want it”?  I hope you want to Find your Freedom through real estate investing, just as much as Tom Krol.  Listen to his amazing journey to Finding Freedom!

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