Tom Nardone is the Real Estate Millionaire Mailman

Every one of us has a choice on what we want to be when we grow up and sometimes as we get older we can still make a new decision.  Our Featured Guest today is Tom Nardone.  Tom is another great example of Finding Freedom through real estate investing.  Tom started working for the post office delivering mail when he was just 19.  After a few years of doing that every day, he realized that his “good job” was never going to bring him Freedom or Financial Independence.  He decided that he wanted to learn more about real estate investing and he soon set his goals of how he was going to increase his net worth and find his Freedom.

After educating himself, Tom started taking action steps and buying houses.  Today, he has purchased over 250 properties and he is still an active real estate investor.  Tom is going to share his journey with us of how he first got started and where he is today.  Enjoy todays show and may it open your eyes to the Freedoms that are available to all of us!

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