How To Flip Vacant Land For Cash Flow with Mark Podolsky, aka “The Land Geek”.  Before getting started in real estate investing, Mark was an Investment Banker that specialized in Mergers and Acquisitions.  As with many people who work outside of the home, Mark’s commute to work was 45 minutes each way.  Maybe you can relate.

The best part about Mark’s story is that he met a guy at his work who was flipping raw land for 300% returns.  He gave Mark just enough information to go out and buy his first couple parcels of vacant land, and it worked!  He got a 300% return on his money.  Mark did the smart thing and built up his land flipping business over the next couple years and then he traded in his corporate job for Freedom!  If you would like to know more about Mark Podolsky and connect with him, go to  Listen as Mark shares his Real Estate Investing Journey and be sure to Subscribe in iTunes for Free daily updates!  3-Minute Video Shows You How

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