Have you ever wanted to know how to Build Wealth through real estate investing?  Real estate has created more Millionaires than probably any thing else, and today you are going to learn why.  Our Featured Guest today is Wendy Papasan.  Wendy has made over a Million dollars as a real estate agent and she has generated Multi-Millions of dollars in Net Worth by investing in real estate.  Here husband Jay Papasan is a best selling real estate author who has written books with the Founder of Keller Williams Realty, Gary Keller.  You have probably read some of the books, like the Millionaire Real Estate Investor or perhaps you have read “The One Thing”!  If you haven’t had an opportunity to grow your mind and your lifestyle be reading these books by Jay Papasan, I think you will find great value in them.

Wendy and Jay have a thriving real estate business in Austin Texas.  In today’s Podcast, Wendy is going to share some powerful insights on how they are Building Wealth through real estate and investing.  Enjoy todays show!

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