Can you imagine finding 1/2 of a Billions dollars in Treasure and having it taken away from you? Real estate investing is a lot like searching for buried treasure. We are searching for motivated sellers who are most likely to be motivated, have a lot of equity and want to sell their property quickly for cash! Ok, so you could say that we are not necessarily looking for Treasure, but we are looking for really good opportunity to create wealth!

Today, I am going to share a story with you about my previous next door neighbor Mark Gordon. Mark is what you could call a modern day Treasure Hunter! Mark’s company locates old ship wrecks that are sitting on the bottom of the ocean floor from hundreds of years ago.  The key point about todays Freedom show is that Mark’s vision is not finding ship wrecks, but finding ship wrecks that sunk with a ton of treasure on board. His mission is laser targeted at finding the money, and that is what we as real estate investors do as well.

So I am going to quickly walk you through how Mark and his company found over a half of a Billion dollars in Gold and Silver coins and how the very same mission applies to you as a real estate investor!  Enjoy todays Freedom show!

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