How Theo Davis made $200,000+ this year Wholesaling Houses.  If you want to know why some investors Get Rich in Real Estate, this is why.  Theo got started in real estate this year by educating himself with free information by Todd Toback and Tom Krol, and taking massive action.  A lot of new investors often say that they don’t have money to get started … neither did Theo.  However, he made some life choices when money was tight and he has turned that tiny amount of marketing money into a massive nest egg today!  There is a major difference with investors who treat real estate as a hobby and those that treat it and work it like a Real Business.  If you want to reach out and connect with Theo, you can connect with him at:  Twitter and Facebook and type in “Theo J Davis”.  Know what your heart desires and go find your Freedom today!  Listen as Theo shares his journey with us today, and be sure to Subscribe in iTunes for Free daily updates!  3-Minute Video Shows You How

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