Interested in Flipping Houses and Investing in Real Estate? Our Featured Guest today has not only captured your attention on national television, but he has also been a part of over 850 Real Estate Projects!  David Montelongo of A&E’s Flip This House is with us today and he is going to share his years of wisdom and life lessons in real estate investing.  David is a real estate investor that has done just about every type of deal that you can think of … Wholesaling, Subject To Deals, Fix & Flip and acquiring Cash Flow Properties!

David Montelongo and I share many things in common.  The one thing that I want to highlight today is his passion for Finding Freedom through real estate investing.  In today’s Podcast, David and I are going to talk about the kind of deals that he is focusing on in todays market and why they are so important to your Freedom!  Enjoy the show!

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