Have you ever thought about what the perfect business model is for your real estate investing business?  In todays Podcast show, Sam Craven is going to share some of the strategies that he uses to flip over 80 houses a year …. and growing!  One of the thing that I like most about Sam is that he first determined his “Why”.  Once he knew how he wanted to use real estate investing to find his Freedom, he simply reverse engineered the process and put it into action.  Like other investors, Sam ran into some road blocks along the way, however he didn’t let any challenge ever stop him.  He found a way to conquer each challenge and keep moving forward!  Because of his hard work and dedication Sam now has the ability to live life on his terms.  You will hear today how Sam and his father have implemented systems and processes that allow them to remove themselves from many aspects of the business.  If you are interested in Wholesaling or Flipping Houses, you will enjoy todays show!

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