How a immigrant from Germany made 1 Millions Dollars in 18 months with real estate investing!  Our Featured Guest today is Jack Bosch.  Jack came to the U.S. with a mountain of debt with the goal to Find Freedom in his new journey.  As with most real estate investors, he found many roadblocks and challenges along the way and with a little bit of persistence, he is truly living the American Dream!  He has completed over 3200 real estate transactions as a investor!  However, if you think that Jack found some push button system that you can get rich overnight, you are wrong. Jack was working 70+ hours at his full time job and got started investing part time.  That means after work and weekends.  He knew that he wanted to be free from a boss and a job with handcuffs!  I am truly inspired by Jack’s journey and I think you will be too!  If you want to connect with Jack, you can go to: or listen to his podcast at

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